• The Future of Energy

    • 7.5MW Farm Pilot Plant - Garden Island site
    • ZERO CO2 Emmissions
    • Low embodied CO2
    • Higher Energy Density - more predictable and persistent resource
  • Wave energy conversion device

    • A flexible membrane and simple valves squeeze air through a circuit, (like a series of connected foot pumps) extracting electricity by an air turbine.
  • Winner GE Ecomagination
    ANZ Challenge

    Australian Clean Tech competition semi finalist

    WA Innovator of the Year
    Mitsubishi Emerging Innovation Finalist

The need

Cost effective "fossil fuel free" electricity production

Wave Power

The idea

Bombora's award winning wave energy conversion device

Bombora's innovative device

The plan

Commercialisation pathway clearly outlined

Commercialisation Strategy


  • Australian Maritime College

  • Commercialisation Australia

  • Curtin Ignition

  • Curtin University

  • WA Dept. Commerce

  • Innovation Centre

  • iVEC

  • OEIA

  • SEA

  • UTAS


What others have said:

  • "I fully support the Bombora Wave power energy converter which could help reduce the cost of producing energy from waves. As the wave and tidal energy development manager for Renewable UK, the trade association for renewables in the UK, I come into contact with a range of wave energy technologies and feel that the Bombora concept holds immense potential for improving reliability and efficiency and hope that the convertor moves through the development stages to commerciality.”

    David Krone, Renewable UK
  • “In Orkney (Scotland) we have seen the highest percentage of wave devices tested anywhere in the world and this technology seems to me one of the most straight forward and versatile. Shawn and Glen have endless energy which combined with this excellent concept I think will make this project be one of the success`s in wave device development.”

    Ian Johnstone, Aquaterra
  • “Having seen and worked with many different marine renewable energy ideas. This is one of the better ones. I was particularly impressed by the level headed and practical approach that the guys have, a big plus towards making this a success.”

    Captain David Thomson, Orcades Marine
  • “Much lower than the average generating costs predicted by Ernst &Young and Black & Veatch (2010) for a range of wave energy devices. Further development of the Bombora device is merited.”

    Oxford Oceanics
  • “Selection and coupling of features gives specificity…demonstrating an innovative solution.  Bombora has developed an impressive plan for the commercialisation. Opportunity still exists to enter the market now with an innovative technology.“

    Black & Veatch
  • “An appropriate turbine can be designed using mature technologies and materials that will produce an overall efficiency of the order stated”


directors Bombora Wave Power is an Australian renewable energy company developing a new wave energy converter system.

The basis of our success is the development of a low cost energy collector that aims to make the Bombora system reliable and scalable, resulting in the potential for cost effective and affordable renewable energy.